Cinema up including Chill & Refill

Chill & Refill

Cinema - Promotion Video


1. Shoot on anamorphic lenses. - the first half

2. Combo of slow mo and real time

3. Split screen horizontally for a more cinematic feel.  Short version split for entire 30 until tag out.  Long version play with split screen and full screen.

4. Sample shot list

Bottom - Taco Villa Store

1. TV Manager opens door for delivery man, dolly with food stacked.  Shot from inside.  Camera exposed to outside, so inside dark until door opens to reveal light.

2. TV employee arrives, smiles and says good morning to manager, hangs coat.

3. TV employee/manager start preparing foos as morning sun streaks through the window hitting the camera.

Top - farmer/producer

1. Farmer with coffee in hand gets into pickup, coffee steaming. Shot from the passenger seat/window. Early morning before sun up.

2. Farmer standing next to and looking at wheat field, sipping coffee. Truck angled behind him.  Shot head to tow, profile.

3. Farmer climbs into tractor to harvest field.  Wide shot.  Sun coming up.

5. The first scene of the Taco Villa store is the same shot as the last scene of the farmer/producer

6. Once the handoff is made to customer, the right side slides over the left side and is now the only shot on screen with the customer eating the finished food product.

7. Another spin on this concept could be instead of doing split screen, we visually see one side (food producer or TV employee) while listening to voice from the other. And we alternate between the two while telling one concise story about how they take great care with what they do before their product is presented to their customer. In the viewers minds they assume the voice while seeing food producer belongs to that person and same for TV employee. Then at the end we reveal who the voices really belong to. That implies that while they are doing two different things they still have the same goal of doing their best to produce a great and fresh product for their customers.