Silent Wings Museum - Veteran Day Poster Design

Silent Wings Museum - Veteran Day Poster Design

Did you know Lubbock, Texas was once the home to the U.S. Army's largest glider pilot school? It now hosts the Silent Wings Museum, which recognizes the contributions of gliders and their pilots to WWII. SBVC recently designed a poster for the museum advertising their Veteran’s Day celebration honoring all who have

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Research Graphics

Unless you frequently read immunology journals for pleasure, it’s highly unlikely you’re are familiar with the latest developments in schistosomiasis research. Don’t worry, SBVC has a diagram for that! That’s right, the Stuart Blalock Visual Company has graphic diagrams published in an...

American Advertising Awards

The Addy Awards are to advertising what the Oscars are to movies, and it’s an honor just to be nominated. Who are we kidding? It’s awesome to WIN! Stuart Blalock Visual Company was awarded 8 Addys in 2017. EIGHT! So take that, Tom Hanks! 

Actually, the Addy Awards are the advertising industry’s way of recognizing