Visit Lubbock - Documentary Storytelling

Have you ever thought about what hotel housekeepers have to clean on a daily basis? Well don’t! It’s a thankless job, but we’d definitely notice if it was not done. And without pristine hotel rooms, the tourism industry would crumble. That’s why for National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Lubbock wanted to honor one special housekeeper who serves as a host of the city just by faithfully doing her job and being great at it. 

Dianna is the housekeeping manager for Arbor Inn and Suites and has worked in housekeeping for 12 years in our fabulous city. SBVC showcased Dianna’s surprise thank you that included a helicopter tour, spa pampering, a shopping trip, and more. Interviews of Dianna’s boss and coworkers detailed her generous heart, strong work ethic, and her attention to detail. 

It was a privilege to tell her story and be a part of her special day. No word from the media guys on whether or not they participated in pedicures.