Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Research Graphics

Unless you frequently read immunology journals for pleasure, it’s highly unlikely you’re are familiar with the latest developments in schistosomiasis research. Don’t worry, SBVC has a diagram for that! That’s right, the Stuart Blalock Visual Company has graphic diagrams published in an esteemed scientific journal. 

You see, scientists have their own jargon, and their research documentation includes enormous amounts of technical information that only twelve people on the planet can even understand. The diagrams and charts simplify very complex analysis and allow more people to quickly decipher the nature of the research and its outcome. Well-crafted diagrams give both scientists and lay persons the opportunity to glance at the data and say, “yep, that’s what I thought!” 

Dr. Siddiqui and his team at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center were so pleased with the graphic representations for this publication that another collaboration is already in the works.