Trinity Christian School Promotional Video

We teamed up with Trinity Christian Schools to create this stellar profile video that was the spotlight of their 40th anniversary celebration and fundraiser. Okay, maybe the folks actually came to see Jay Leno and the Spur 327 Band, but we have no doubt they were inspired by the video presentation.  



Here’s what Trinity had to say about it:

"We are so happy we chose Stuart Blalock Visual Company to produce our Gala video. We were celebrating Trinity Christian School's 40th year anniversary and Stuart did a beautiful job capturing the heart and story of our school. HIs professionalism and creativity made him easy to work with. I would highly recommend him, and we will definitely be using him again in the future. Thank you Stuart!" - Dana Brewer, Director of Admissions and Communications

"Stuart and his team are Rock Stars!!! They worked with our team at TCS to produce our 40th Anniversary video. The video was fantastic and truly told the TCS story! Thank you, Stuart!!" - Amy Harlien, Office of Advancement

Rock Stars! We aren’t letting it go to our heads, but we may or may not be working on matching shirts. 


Check out the video to see what all the fuss is about. Then contact us about getting your organization’s very own stellar promotional video.

- [Narrator] Trinity Christian School began as a vision for education, focused on the whole child. It was founded in 1977 by Joyce Herron, who was brought up with a strong work ethic. Her father taught her to never take a job for money, but instead, to always pursue her passion. His advice carried her through college, at the University of Alabama, and her marriage to the love of her life, Bill. Together, they moved to California, where she began her career in Christian education, first as a teacher, and later, as a principal. The Herron family moved to Lubbock in 1974, where Joyce served as the early childhood director for Trinity Church. It was then that she was recruited to start a Christian school. Despite her early hesitations, the Lord spoke to her heart.

- I started waking up every morning, at 4:20 on the nose, 4:20 every day. That went on for three weeks, and so I said to my husband one morning, I said, "Tell me it's not 4:20." He said, "Joyce, it's 4:20." He said, "I think God is trying to say something to you," so I knew I'd better get up and listen, so I got up and went in the living room, and I started reading my Bible, and I did that three more weeks, every morning at 4:20, and one morning, I just heard, almost felt audibly, train teachers, train students, and train parents, and I knew then I was supposed to do, I knew from the beginning I was supposed to do it, but I just kept fighting it. So we started with 23. Every year it doubled, until we ran out of space. But we knew it was just a God thing, and I take no credit for it. It wasn't something I thought up. I just saw that God used me for a stop gap to help families. Anyway, that was kind of the beginning.

- [Narrator] Parental involvement has been fundamental in the life of the school since its inception. Trinity bases its philosophy on the belief that family is an integral part of a child's foundation, and the school's role is to support parents in the raising up of children in the way they should go, as instructed in Proverbs 22:6. Trinity's commitment to developing students academically, physically and spiritually, has made an immense impact on families like the Alexanders.

- I'm Zeb, and this is my wife, Michelle, and we're the Alexander family. We have three boys. Two of 'em, our oldest ones are at Trinity, and the other one's gonna be going there whenever he's in kindergarten.

- Trinity really encourages parents to get involved, to observe, to be in the classroom, and see how your children is growing in areas. I love that if they are struggling in an area, that you're gonna be able to hear about it, and talk to them. In kindergarten, Noah was really struggling. I didn't know what was going on, but it was so overwhelming to me, and so they really just led us along, and helped us try to figure out how to help best, and he got diagnosed with ADHD, and they've always worked with me, and allowed me to talk to them about what we can to help him succeed and reach their fullest potential that God has for them. Miss York just spent a lot of time with me in prayer, and she would cry with me, and that meant so much to me, 'cause he's my oldest. I'm new at this, first kid in school, and I was just so overwhelmed, like what have I done wrong as a parent? Why is he struggling so much? And she just kept reminding me that he's on a journey, and that the Lord is doing great things in him.

- If somebody was to ask me why is your kid at Trinity, I'd tell them that for one, I only get one chance to put my kid through school. There's no greater investment than investing in your kids. You know, if you wanna invest in anything else, it comes and goes away, but your child, you don't get to take it back.

- And you just can't put a price on what you get at Trinity. The teachers, the staff, they way they pour into your children, the kingdom education, the friends, the small class sizes, the way that they get to worship the Lord together, and grow in him, the seeds they plant in their heart for missions, and serving the community, serving others, being the hands and feet of Jesus, just really, it's priceless.

- [Narrator] Trinity is fun and challenging, offering courses in robotics, photography, choir and theater arts, just to name a few. A high ratio of the students achieve academic honors, including 41 commended National Merit scholars, since 1995. Each year, students have opportunities to participate in global missions. Since 1991, Trinity has taken students on 104 trips, to 12 countries, and hosted 17 international students. The school has 10 varsity athletic programs, and boasts 21 state championships. Truly, there is a place for everyone at Trinity Christian School. Trinity's standard of excellence distinguishes itself within the community. For the Rivera family, its spiritual influence was evident before they even visited the campus.

- My name's Edward Rivera.

- And I'm Evie Rivera, and we've got two children here at Trinity, Ezra, who is 10, and Eliana, who just turned six. So we've got a fourth grader and a kindergartner. We actually came to a graduation. Our pastor's daughter transferred here her senior year, and we came to her graduation, and when we were there, it was amazing to be able to feel the Holy Spirit at a high school graduation.

- We went home that night, and said, we want our kids to be part of this school. Like that was a game changer for us. Before Ezra even started, I remember was it, he started in pre-K, and his teacher wanted to come to house, and I remember me asking Evie, why does she wanna come to the house? That's kind of strange. Again, public school, you know I had no idea. Well, she wants to come meet him and pray for him, and I'm like, who does that?

- I am so thankful for what Trinity's doing, as far as academics. We love it, because we can see that there is a growth for learning, and not only just a growth in learning, but a love to grow and to learn, and when you see how the teachers love on the children, when you see how Trinity strives to keep our children safe, when you see that they're literally striving to prepare them academically, but when you see disciples in the making, it's completely world changing. As a teacher, to be here, I mean, every single day, I count it a blessing. Every single day it's an honor, it's a privilege to be able to partner with the parents, and I take that seriously, because I'm also a parent, and every day, those children change my life. You know, I'm supposed to be here to teach them, and they teach me, and people say, "Well, at Trinity, "you're keeping your child in a bubble." That's not, that's not what's happening here, because nobody's exempt. Trinity Christian School is not exempt from real cases of real life, and so that's not what we're doing. What we're doing is they're getting an academic foundation, but the word of Jesus is all around it, and there's a big difference in that.

- [Narrator] The 2017 Varsity Volleyball Team won their fourth consecutive state championship. However, it was their actions off the court after the semifinals that left the most significant impression. The father of a player on the opposing team details the event in this letter to Trinity's volleyball coach.

- [Man] Coach Neal, I am the father of Makayla Dahl, the outsider hitter from McKinney Christian Academy, was injured in the state semifinal game. I wanted to thank you for what your team did for Makayla during and after the game. As soon as the game was over, instead of celebrating, your girls came running, not walking, running over to Makayla, who was still on the trainer's table. In their moment of victory, when they had every right to celebrate, they wanted to pray for her. That is a true sign of Christ-like competition. I can't tell you what it meant to me and my wife watching a group of young women reach out to a fallen competitor, and offer support and encouragement. You, the other coaches, and parents at Trinity Christian are doing an incredible job teaching your team how to act like Christians, on and off the court. With all the selfish ambition, pride and entitlement that I've seen in the world today, it renewed my hope in the future, to see your team act with humility, grace and compassion. We are praying and believing for a full recovery, but if not, I could not have asked for a more gracious team for her volleyball career to end against. To you, your fans, and especially your team, thank you for competing in true Biblical fashion. Congratulations on your state championship. You were worthy champions, on the court and off. Go Lions! In Christ, Brett Dahl.

- [Narrator] We've shown you a glimpse of what Trinity has accomplished over the last 40 years. 40 years of assisting parents, in providing their children with a Biblical worldview education. 40 years of equipping students to be Christ-like leaders in their homes, churches, communities, and workplaces. 40 years of inspiring them to become world changers. Your support can help continue this legacy, and create more opportunities for students and families to experience the mission of Trinity Christian School.