Texas Boys Ranch Video Production

Stuart Blalock Visual Company has been a long time partner with Texas Boys Ranch. They provide a vital ministry to foster children on the South Plains. They've entrusted us with their story because we thoroughly research their programs and create motivating content which they can then use to educate, fundraise, and encourage others to become involved with their programs. 

We recently produced a video demonstrating...

Visit Lubbock - Mean Tweets

Visit Lubbock - Mean Tweets

Everyone’s a critic on social media, but with a booming tourism industry, Lubbockites are too busy to worry about the haters. So Visit Lubbock’s marketing department teamed up with SBVC to spotlight some of Lubbock’s Twitter “fans.” This fun video also offers some educational information. For instance, you’ve probably gone your whole life believing frogs say “Ribbit,” right? In that case, you need to watch this video

American Advertising Awards

The Addy Awards are to advertising what the Oscars are to movies, and it’s an honor just to be nominated. Who are we kidding? It’s awesome to WIN! Stuart Blalock Visual Company was awarded 8 Addys in 2017. EIGHT! So take that, Tom Hanks! 

Actually, the Addy Awards are the advertising industry’s way of recognizing