Jodey Arrington on South Plains Food Bank: High Profile Personalities

The South Plains Food Bank, once again, commissioned SBVC to help advance its “Together We Can” campaign, this time featuring politician Jodey Arrington. We worked with Arrington to produce a television and radio commercial. When working with high-profile talent such as Arrington, being fully prepared makes for a smooth production, especially since the celebrity’s time is usually extremely limited. Often this requires the use of our teleprompter to ensure that the exact intended message is conveyed to the audience without the burden of script memorization. While the use of famous personalities to garner attention is not new, SBVC’s hospitality and professionalism take celebrity endorsement to the next level. 

Almost 30,000 children in this area go to school on an empty stomach. While they may get meals at school, they rarely have enough food at home for dinner. You can help our children receive the nutrition they so desperately need. Now through August 22nd, a local donor has committed to match every donation made to the South Plains Food Bank, and triple donations made on Monday, August 22nd, the first day of school. It's hard to believe that children today still go hungry. Together we can change that.