Realtor Video Profile

Karen Higgins and Alison Blalock are commercial realtors with Westmark Commercial. Karen worked in commercial property management after college and moved into real estate to accommodate her growing family. She loves finding creative ways to make properties become profitable. 

Alison worked in retail before finding her niche in commercial real estate. She balances her home life of raising young kids and running half marathons with her career of connecting businesses with the right properties. 

This mother-daughter duo appreciates the importance of working as a team. Their marriage of old school techniques and new technology pair perfectly to give their clients optimal support when buying and selling properties. They blend individual relationship and personal phone calls with the ability to cast a wide net and be viewed by a large audience through internet platforms. Their teamwork is an asset to Westmark Commercial and its clients.

My name is Alison Blalock and I'm a commercial real estate agent at Westmark commercial. I have been in commercial real estate for seven years. I worked in retail before I got the opportunity to. Join Karen Higgins who happens to be my mom and within a year of getting my license. I got my CC item which is the certified commercial investment member designation. And that helped me really understand. How to sell investment properties and the financial side of things so that I can be more knowledgeable and helping investors purchase and sell their investment properties. I think our customers get a huge benefit from a team working for them and with them on their needs their wants the sale of their property because they don't have just one person thinking about it and looking at it one way they have two people we collaborate and talk through the challenges and the pros and the cons of each deal. 

And. So they get two for the price of one. The thing I like best about commercial real estate is every day is different. It's not the same thing every single day. I get to work with amazing customers and clients who. Have something that they're looking for something that they need. And. I get to think outside the box to help them find that and obtain. Their overall objective. Outside of real estate. When I'm not at the office or working. I am a wife to an amazing husband for nine years almost 10 years. And we have two beautiful children together. Our daughter is 5 and our son is two and a half. So we're very busy. We have a lot of fun chasing them and doing lots of fun things. 

I love running. I love the challenge of it. I love. Constantly trying to get better and beat my last time. I have had the opportunity to run three full marathons and at least ten. Half marathons and that's my favorite distance the half. And so I enjoy running a couple shows a year and training for those and I love having my family. And friends and parents at my side. At the finish line. 

I am Karen Higgins and I work at Westmar commercial and commercial real estate. I absolutely loved the aspect of commercial real estate because it has lots of variety. And we get to meet lots of awesome people. I kind of stumbled into commercial real estate after college. I'm just trying to find a job. So I started out in commercial property management and leasing and then. As my kids got older I. Changed into. More. Of a concentration into investment sales. I love. Trying to think about things that maybe someone else would not. And. A way to make a property. Productive. And. Profitable. Versus empty and lonely. I think one of the advantages to working as a team is that we can double team. Alison can be working on one project. It's. Important and I can be taking another one or. 

Vice versa. I can take phone calls while she's. Getting a lease or a contract prepared. So we work really well together and. Are very efficient in getting things done. I think one direction that we're taking. Our team concept is an investment sales. We have some properties that are off market. And so. I like to work in the old school fashion which is called people talk to people individually and Alison is the new school which is technology and reaching a wider audience. So we work really well in that capacity and we feel like that. The coming months and years are just going to keep getting better. My life outside of work is. Very full. I have an awesome husband who allows me to do what I enjoy which is commercial real estate. I also have some. Grandkids which I enjoy spending time with. They. Come out. And fill our house with love. Laughter. And fun. And. Just never know what they're going to say or do. Which is always exciting.