Life Insurance Animated Explainer Videos

Who says Disney gets to have all the animation fun? SBVC created three original animated videos for Gleaner Ilife Insurance Society detailing their variety of life insurance products. Step 1 was to develop storyboards and character concepts for each video.

The motion graphics designers then brought the characters to life, which is highly important for life insurance to actually be useful. Professional voice over talents narrated scripts developed by the copywriting team, and a music bed was injected to complete the vibe. The final result is that now the average Joe can easily see the differences in the life insurance plans and choose the right one for his needs. 

Whole Life Insurance

On a quiet stretch of highway, Jack and Ruth cross another state line. Traveling cross-country, they find adventure and tiny towns and scenic byways, in the finer details found only off the beaten path. They know life doesn't come with guarantees, and they wanna follow their dreams today without worrying about the security of tomorrow. That's why they have life insurance, a Whole Life policy with Gleaner Life Insurance Society. Whole Life insurance is permanent, so Jack and Ruth can count on policies that will last a lifetime. Their family is guaranteed death benefits at the face amount established at the start of the policy, regardless of when they die. This is helpful in estate planning, so Jack and Ruth know their family will benefit from a tax-free inheritance. Jack and Ruth were pleased to choose a payment plan that worked for them. They make regular premium payments to their policy, though some policies allow for a one time premium payment, or premiums that last for a specific period of time. Whole Life policies build cash value, which can be accessed at any time, for any reason, and are guaranteed to grow each year. This means Jack or Ruth could take out a loan, or even make a withdrawal to help fund their adventures. Knowing Gleaner is there to see them through their silver years, Jack and Ruth can enjoy the leisure of a well-lived life. They trust the company that is member owned and community oriented. Gleaner not only provides top quality insurance coverage, it also supports local service projects. Find a Gleaner agent online at to learn more about permanent protection with Whole Life insurance.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

As they prepare to send their youngest child off to college, the Kings are also getting ready to embark on their own adventure as empty nesters. They've saved for Julie's tuition, purchased the campus dining plan, and packed her coordinating bedding and shower caddy. Now Julie is all set for the road to success. And so are mom and dad, because they have an indexed universal life insurance plan from Gleaner Life Insurance Society. The permanent coverage means their policy will last their lifetime as long as they keep their policy funded. It also builds cash value, which the Kings can use for supplemental retirement income when they're ready. The flexible premiums offered by the universal plan allow the Kings the option to make lower monthly payments during periods of time when their resources are spread thin, and increase contributions when their finances are more secure. In the meantime, they pay target premiums to keep their cash value well funded. Throughout Julie's childhood, the Kings directed a large portion of their premium to an indexed account which offered even greater potential for cash value growth when the index performed well, without the risk of losing value if the index performed poorly. Now, as they near retirement, they've directed a larger portion of their premium to a fixed account which earns a competitive, current interest rate with a minimum guarantee. Knowing they are leaving a financial benefit for their children, and planning for their own futures, means Steve and Cindy have one less thing to worry about. They also appreciate that Gleaner is member-owned and charitable-minded. Just by owning a life insurance policy through Gleaner, they are helping to fund volunteer projects in their own community. Find a Gleaner agent online at to find out more about the flexible options available with indexed universal life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Meet the Walkers. This is Paul and his wife Maura. They have two kids. They're a busy family, but they all agree Saturday mornings are meant for family time and Little League baseball. While Paul and Maura's days are filled primarily with working and taking care of their little ones, they also like to be prepared. Should a need arise, they want to ensure their family and their children's futures will be safe. That's why they have term life insurance from Gleaner Life Insurance Society. The Walkers dream of the day their mortgage will be paid off and their children are grown, so their main concern today is having protection in place should their family need it, while keeping costs at a minimum. Paul and Maura can count on coverage for a set period of time. 15, 20, 25, or even 30 years. These set periods make term life the most affordable type of life insurance. Yearly costs remain the same throughout the policy's term. That means the Walkers can rest easy, knowing Gleaner will be there to help them in a crisis. They trust the company that is member-owned and community-oriented. Gleaner not only provides top quality insurance coverage, it also supports local service projects, allowing families like the Walkers to get back to what's most important. Find a Gleaner agent online at and safeguard your family with term life insurance.