Get to know the Stuart Blalock Visual Company

The Stuart Blalock Visual Company is a boutique video production company specializing in handcrafted storytelling pieces that are designed to captivate, inspire and motivate.  We work hard to team up with our clients to accomplish their production and budget goals.  Our portfolio and experience provide proof that we’re passionate about a professional approach to personalized service to clients both large and small.

OK that's great and all, but really, who are you?

Here's a little history:

Stuart started his company to pursue a lifelong dream: to own his own company.  He started out volunteering his time, attended South Plains College and Texas Tech University to hone his craft all while gaining experience as a freelancer.  Since then, he has worked for several other production companies and churches that have helped grow him as a professional, as a creative, and as a businessmen.

We have worked for an impressive list of clients such as:  Texas Tech University, Ballet Lubbock, LHUCA, the Volunteer Center of Lubbock, and Westmark Realtors.  Our work has been seen on a national scale and the awards acquired over the years are proof.

Want to know more?  

The SBVC specializes in several areas:

  1. Handcrafted storytelling - We love to tell stories via video.  Everywhere you look there is a story to be told.  Everyone loves to watch and hear stories.  There are stories in everything you watch at the movie theater and on TV at home.  Stories inspire us, entertain us, and change us.  They help sell, they help start movements and they often help us relax.  Stories can be told in just a few seconds or several hours.  We produce stories that do all of the above.
  2. Branded films - Unlink traditional advertising (TV commercials), branded films can be advertising people actually want to watch.  Advertising doesn't have to slap you in the face or annoy you.  It can be subtle yet impactful.  We've all watched films such as these on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram.  They are usually so well done you didn't realize you just watched an "advertisement".
  3. Business promotion - Not all TV advertisements are bad, if done right it they be very effective.  Other forms of business advertisement are seen as ads on Facebook, Instagram, on billboards, at sporting events and pretty much everywhere else you look.
  4. Documentaries - These are non-fictional films that tell real life stories.
  5. Live event support - From galas, to fundraisers, presentations and church services, we provide support for all live events.  We're fluent in all areas of audio, video and lighting and offer support in the following areas:

a. Consultation - We can help you understand the a/v world and work with you to ensure a successful event.  Live media can be daunting to someone who isn't a media professional.

b. Operation - We work with a/v/l companies to operate the gear needed for the event.  Your audience will never hear "we're having technical difficulties".

c. Audio and video recording - We'll ensure a solid high definition recording for your use by providing high quality HD cameras and microphones.  Technology fails from time to time but we provide multiple backups to ensure a solid recording.  If needed we can provide video editing and will delivery in the digital or hard copy format you need.